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We act as a neutral platform for Swedish actors interested in international water issues, creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing. The overall objective of Swedish Water House is to contribute to cooperation over water and development issues. An important element of Swedish Water House activity consists of seminars and workshops. The events involve a wide range of actors and disseminate knowledge about the often invisible role of water in various areas.


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Join the world of water – for development, for jobs, for life!

The world of water is more than the lakes, the rivers and seas that shimmer blue in our landscapes and Instagram updates. It is also the water underground, moisture in the soils, a basic human right, a source of conflict […]

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Läkemedelskonferens 160412
Water and Pharmaceuticals – insights and perspectives for health and environment – 12-13 April, 2016 in Uppsala

Welcome to Uppsala, to discuss the state of the knowledge on pharmaceuticals, their environmental effects and how to reduce the release of pharmaceuticals to the water – both internationally and domestically. The topics will cover the lifecycle of pharmaceuticals looking […]

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Adapting to a Changing Climate: A City, A Country, A Planet

Welcome to learn about and discuss international cutting edge tools and approaches to climate change adaptation, and current strategies being applied here in Sweden and Stockholm. John Matthews is Secretariat Coordinator in AGWA, an international network which has developed a […]

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News & Blogs

Illustration Louise Wester
Havs- and Vattenforum in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the perfect backdrop for an Ocean and water forum. The shipping industry shaping the water front and heavy rain clouds lifting from time to time to let the sun dry up the streets. As I scurry back and […]

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Läkemedelskonferens 160412_1
What’s in your water? Minimizing pharma pollution

“We stand in different corners and discuss what is needed. We need to act with what we have in hand”, Kia Salin, (Medical Procurement Agency), Swedish Water House, Pharmaceuticals Conference, April 2016 Pharmaceutical products are essential to our society, and […]

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Water for food
Launch: New guide to help supply chains become more water-wise

An interactive guide of popular standards and tools was launched today to support food and beverage companies and retailers to reduce water risks in their own operations and supply chains. The SIWI Swedish Water House cluster group on water and […]

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