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We act as a neutral platform for Swedish actors interested in international water issues, creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing. The overall objective of Swedish Water House is to contribute to cooperation over water and development issues. An important element of Swedish Water House activity consists of seminars and workshops. The events involve a wide range of actors and disseminate knowledge about the often invisible role of water in various areas.


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Without water no sustainable development! World Water Day seminar

Hear high level Swedish actors discuss the role of water in the sustainable development agenda on our World Water Day seminar March 20.

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Drought Seminar
Coping with drought – Institutional innovation in water management

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry are pleased to present prominent guest speaker Nicholas Brozović. Nicholas Brozović will highlight the differences in approaches in various states in the US and also remind […]

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Sanitation governance – making the system work

This seminar, organised in cooperation with the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI, aims to further the dialogue among development-oriented actors in Sweden on how to improve the situation for the approximately 2.5 billion people worldwide who struggle for proper […]

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Swedish food and beverage companies unite to meet global water challenges

Through a network initiated by SIWI, companies within the food and beverage sector will work together to address global water challenges.

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Water Human Rights Business
Business leaders offered advanced training in water, human rights

To raise awareness about the complex links between human rights, water and Corporate Social Responsibility, SIWI and CSR Sweden are launching an advanced training programme for business leaders globally.

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WEF: Water now presents highest risk to world

According to the nearly 900 experts that took part in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Perception Survey, a future water crisis would have the most damaging consequences.

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