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How can rural people be beneficiaries of piped water?

During recent decades the number of chronic diseases such as kidney stones and stomach cancer have increased due to lack of access to safe drinking water services in Kazakhstan. A recently launched water program has aim to cover 85% of […]

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Pipe water

Empathy – a key component to sustainable hydropower

In Sweden and in many other parts of the world, the hydropower debate is both intense and not without tension. In response to this, International Centre of Hydropower (ICH) in Norway has developed and shares expertise, good practices and methodologies […]

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First Water Dialogue-edited

Turning a threat to an asset using water sensitive measures

In 2050, almost 67 % of the world population will live in cities. This migration, together with intense and unpredictable climate change will cause negative impacts on both water quality and hydrology. Swedish cities, including Malmö, will face more rainfalls, […]

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Misagh Mottaghi blogg

What’s hot in water?

A group of experts from the international forest and water community met at SIWI to share ongoing water conversations at their respective institutions. The discussion soon came to focus on the challenges related to creating transfer mechanisms at scale between […]

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Skog utskick bild

Coping with drought – Institutional innovation in water management

Once again we see how path-dependency, poor institutions and lack of governance have detrimental effects on water management. The most blatant and acknowledged example in the US is from California. We have all read about the aggravated water situation in […]

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Drought Seminar

Behind the scenes and right in the middle – being a Junior Rapporteur at the World Water Week 2014

We are five. Five people to cover everything that is said and done with respect to global change at the World Water Week 2014. Now I should mention that the World Water Week is a fairly enormous conference. In 2014, […]

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Reflections from the World Water Week side event “Water legislation reforms: securing environmental concerns and renewable energy”

From the legislative side of things I’ve heard it being said several times lately – that when most of the actors you engage with are a bit unhappy, you’re probably doing a pretty good job! This statement was something to […]

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Water legislation

Malin Falkenmark’s ideas set the tone at 2014 World Water Week

On Sunday 31 August, the very first day of 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm, leading scientists gathered for the seminar “Managing Centres of Booming Water Expectations in Basins and Regions of Change”. The seminar of SIWI, SEI and Stockholm […]

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Reflections from the World Water Week seminar “Energy and water – a producer’s perspective”

During the 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm, the “energy and water” theme was addressed with an overall “systems view”, how we develop and manage energy and water resources for the good of society and ecosystems – at local, national, […]

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Several large gaps in Swedish flood management

Recent flood events in Sweden have once again put Swedish flood management in the spotlight, and revealed many gaps.  I have described these shortcomings in an article published in Government Gazette, and they have been thoroughly discussed in the Swedish […]

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