Cooperation through the eyes of the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate – Shri Rajendra Singh

Restoring rivers in rural India

In close cooperation with local residents, Shri Rajendra Singh and his organization has revived several rivers, brought water, and life, back to a thousand villages and given hope to countless people. Mr Singh lives and works in the arid Indian state of Rajasthan, where he for several decades has dedicated himself to defeating drought and empowering communities.

Welcome to this seminar in the Water Dialogues series, co-hosted by the International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC) and SIWI Swedish Water House.

Can’t make this event?

Rajendra will be interviewed by environmental journalist from the Guardian, Karl Mathiesen later that day at a Kapuscinski Development Lectures at Stockholm University. Register for this free event here.

Webcast of the seminar




10:00 - 11:30


International Centre for Water Cooperation. Co-convenor: Swedish Water House


SIWI - Conference room Ocean


Linnégatan 87A, 5th floor, Stockholm



#waterdialogues #watercooperation

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