Urban Adaptation in the Baltic Region

Climate change is happening around us, in our immediate environment, in our cities and seas. Adapting to the change and unforeseen events in its wake is imperative for resilient societies. The Paris climate agenda and Sustainable Development Goals call for global, national and local action.

Therefore the SIWI Swedish Water House and Baltic Development Forum will organise a workshop to train decision makers and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region in an emerging set of risk management approaches for climate adaptation known as bottom-up methodologies. While NDCs and other decisions are made a national levels, real decision making often takes place at the local level where issues of implementation are addressed. These often relate to infrastructure decisions with long-term impacts.  The purpose of the workshop is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing on how to apply bottom-up methodologies at a regional or municipality levels.

Programme will be available soon!




10:00 - 15:00


Baltic Development Forum
SIWI Swedish Water House
Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC)
Alliance for Global Water Adaptation



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