August 2011

Young Water Professionals Seminar


The seminar is a part of the World Water Week in Stockholm. To attend the seminar you need to register for the World Water Week.
Seminar organisers: International Water Association (IWA) and Swedish Water House (SWH)

Following on the success of the workshops previously organised jointly by SIWI and IWA in the last 3 years on the Sunday of the Water Week, this workshop will provide again a platform for Young Water Professionals to meet and network with their peers, discuss future challenges in the water sector with senior water professionals and engage them in conversations to find out solutions of those challenges.

This year the young water professionals will be given the challenge to rebuild the Indonesian city Banda Aceh, which was shattered by the tsunami in 2004, into a resilient city. The central question that will be guiding the workshop is: How can we create sustainable solutions for energy and water supply, sanitation, industry and agriculture without overexploiting or pollution water sources? With this workshop we aim to present young water professionals with cutting edge knowledge regarding the relationship between cities and water, what the major challenges are and what is in the power of the young to do. More important still, we expect to hear the views of Young Water Professionals on the subject.

09:00 Welcome by IWA and SWH. Networking session among participants
09:20 Overview of future challenges related to water supply and sanitation in urban areas. Rose Osinde-Alabaster, Technical expert, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Kenya
09:40 How to solve the problems at hand? Presentation of a case study. Alastair Morrison, UNDP Water Governance Facility (WGF), Adrian Puigarnau, IWA and Ann-Mari Karlsson, SWH
10:00 Case study discussions in groups and coffee break
11:00 Reporting back in plenary
12:00 Comments on group work
12:20 Wrap up and conclusions
12:30 Close of seminar

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Young Water Professionals Seminar