Samtal: Indisk inspiration för hållbar mat

Can food be a part of sustainable development in India? It means Sunita Narain, environmental reformer and author in his cookbook First Food – Culture of Taste.

The book contains 50 recipes that link to biodiversity and how diversity is linked to what we eat. If biodiversity disappears, the healthy food is lost on our plates and we eat less. Therefore, says Sunita, it is important to think of the entire chain; The locally grown food, the local recipes and the importance of eating nutritious and healthy food.

In poor countries many health problems depend on the lack of food. When a people grow richer, they eat more useless and get health problems because of it. It’s only when a society becomes really rich as you rediscover the benefits of eating healthy food. First food is a step to get India to go from being a country where some of the people suffer from lack of food, directly to a country like Is aware of the healthy, nutritious and sustainable production and consumption of local food.

The conversation is in English


Sunita Narain is Director General of the Center for Science and Environment in India.
In 2005, CSE and the Sunita Stockholm Water Prize received attention to the problems of water conservation in many poor regions of the world.




19:00 - 20:00


India Unlimited

Swedish Water House




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